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Tenure and the Profession: the Departmental View

The professional values, anxieties, and contradictions that we have noted play out most conspicuously in one’s home department.  How does tenure appear from this point of view?  Consider, first, what kind of beast a department really is.  You have a … Continue reading

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Tenure and the Profession at Large

How does tenure look from the viewpoint of the profession as a whole?  Some common features extend across disciplines, departments, and institutions.  Because merit is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for approval, the tenured ranks resemble a guild … Continue reading

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Tenure and the Person: Eyes on the Prize

How does tenure appear from the point of view of the person pursuing an academic career?  Once out of grad school, it becomes the main focus of aspiration, effort, and worry.  It’s the next hurdle, yet also the biggest and … Continue reading

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Entering the Citizen Phase

It’s fall, the season when everyone starts thinking about tenure.  Energetic new hires jostle for position, third years nervously scrutinize their vitae, sixth years gird for the gauntlet of class visits and the grind of dossier preparation.  Meanwhile, senior members … Continue reading

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