Welcome Back

With the turn of seasons an the start of a new academic year, we are now back with more ideas and insights for staying alive. Stay tuned for weekly postings that explore the four stages of academic life, unpack the master metaphors of our profession, and offer tools for balancing suggested by participants at our recent workshops.

Because we hope to grow a online community of thoughtful people pursuing balance and integrity in their academic lives, please do not hesitate to share your own ideas and stories by posting comments. Wisdom can lead to empowerment only if we pass along the gifts of experience and insight. Grace does not work in isolation!

As a way to get started, we invite you to try the writing prompt from our recent ASLE workshop that Mark described in his previous post. Pick a phase of your career, anywhere between grad school and retirement, and write about someone you knew who appeared to lead a convincing life. Just write for five or ten minutes, no more than a page.

What can this example teach us? Feel free to share in a comment to any of our forthcoming posts on the various phases of a career.

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